$ 8.19/ 22oz btl

 — Georgia

I have recently become a fan of Stouts and this is a great one.  Night Tripper Imperial Stout from New Holland Brewing Company is thick, rich and full of flavor.  It was brewed for a Fat Tuesday release and has caramel, coffee and chocolate notes.  The abundance of roasted malts combined with barley create a rich, roasty beer with deep intense and lush flavors.  This is a great beer on its own, or would pair well with pork tenderloin.  This Stout is also great with chocolate desserts.   Stop in for yours today…




 — Caitlin

Rogue Spirits’ award winning Spruce Gin is transformed into Pink Gin using Oregon Pinot Noir barrels. Rogue master distiller John Couchot ocean ages his award-winning Spruce Gin in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels at Rogue’s Newport, OR House of Spirits to create a new, slightly fruity, mellow gin with a pink hue.

I love this product, I’m a big fan of gins that are more aromatic, not the pine-needle bombs that most people associate with gin. The Rogue Pink Spruce is floral and citrusy and the pinot noir touch gives it a smooth finish with a touch of sweetness.

This is great in a gin & tonio, but I think it’s smooth and flavorful enough to drink with soda water. Try it with the Ayala’s Lemongrass Mint Vanilla sparkling water—coming soon!


LARK FINE FOODS assorted cookies


 — Sarah M

This is a new product line we think you will love!  They are deliciously different- highly flavorful, not overly sweet, and delightfully unexpected.  A family-owned company, Lark makes cookies by hand in small batches using fresh, natural ingredients. Choose from 4 fabulous flavors:

Coco Locos – Rich, buttery cookies loaded with toasted coconut and a hint of rum.

Cha Chas – Spicy, rich chocolate cookies with a hint of chili at the finish.

Polenta Pennies – Bite size polenta cookies sprinkled with lemon and studded with golden raisins.

Salted Rosemary Shortbread - Rosemary-seasoned shortbread lightly dusted with sea salt.

Come in and try them.  You’ll be as crazy about them as we are!


CASAMATTA Toscana ‘08


 — Sarah A

For those of you that know me well, you would understand why drinking a wine that translates to “crazy house” suits me so well.

From acclaimed winemaker Bibi Graetz, who is known both for his wines, such as high scoring Testamatta but also his original artwork that can be found on his bottles.


Juicy red berries and dark fruits with a nice, bright acidity. Very easy going and likeable. Good with food or without, I am seeing this as being my summer red.


PHOCAS from Cowslip Creamery


 — Courtney

Spring has sprung and new cheeses are coming out here in Michigan!  Phocas - is an extraordinarily approachable cheese made in the traditional Alpine Valley way with a slight washed rind blush.  A touch of sweetness, a mild earthy taste with a hint of floral notes and beautiful, oh-so-slight piquant finish offer a true terroir.  The paste is semi-soft and very creamy, capturing the luscious butterfat of Jersey milk.  In keeping with its agrarian tradition, this cheese is made only in the summer and only from raw milk provided by the grazing herd of Jersey cows on Lubbers Family Farm.  This Cheese is strong enough to stand alone with a glass of white wine or a brown ale and melts beautifully, making it a great cooking cheese.  (Try it in our recipe this month!)We have been waiting for this cheese to age to perfection....and perfect it is!  Please, come in and TASTE this cheese!  It is a great addition to our ever growing Michigan Cheese Section


$6.29 /bottle

 — Dana

This is one of my favorite dressings! Besides being great on Spring salads, it makes an excellent marinade for grilled vegetables & pork. The French dressing has also won the coveted “Best in Aisle” award in the past at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show.


To make it even better, it is also made in Michigan!